Virginia Square Dancers Choreographed Ballroom Dancing

Choreographed Ballroom Dancing

Choreographed Ballroom Dancing is a unique form of social ballroom dancing. Dancers come together at local clubs and organized functions and clinics throughout the United States and abroad to learn a new dance or two and add it to their repertoire. These dances are choreographed, as a ballet is, to a specific piece of music. The dance routines and dance figures conform predominantly to international ballroom standards and consist of all the standard dance rhythms ... Waltz, Rumba, Cha Cha, Foxtrot, Tango, Bolero, Jive, West Coast Swing, etc. Choreographed Ballroom Dancing, sometimes called Round Dancing, has evolved over the past fifty years and has an ever-expanding inventory of over ten thousand choreographed dance routines.

The dancer learns the routines as well as the names of all the dance steps in each rhythm so that when the music is played the couple can follow the cues that are spoken on the microphone by the Cuer, just in time to prompt the next step to be danced. It is this aspect that makes Choreographed Ballroom Dancing especially unique. It is also challenging for the mind as well as the body and a joy to behold as every couple on the floor dances each routine in unison.

Choreographed Ballroom Dancing classes are taught by Ed and Judy Jaworski on the Southside and Priscilla Collins and Bill Kahlbaum on the Peninsula. Contact Ed and Judy Jaworski at (757) 502-0390 or email at Pris Collins at (757) 596-1142 or email at Bill Kahlbaum at (804) 642-4118 or email at

Short article supplied by Judy Jaworski.