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Jody Starling, VASARDA Member and website host for all Virginia Square And Round Dance Clubs, Associations, and VASARDA needs your help and support. Jody is a professional IT Analyst, Programmer, and Database expert. He gives back to square dancing by freely donating his time to host the website Virginia Square Dancers to provide information about square dancing in Virginia for any group of square and round dancers.

To provide effective information about round and square dancing your group should provide basic information for:

  • Association or Club – the name of your group
  • Contact – primary info for email and telephone to help get to your event or learn more about your group
  • Event – dance or open house: date, time, name of event, caller name, cuer
  • Location – where is the event held at; name of location, address of location, special instructions for entering or parking

To provide extra bonus points to your group on the Internet, provide information about your group officials. (1) This can be your officials names and/or contact information, (2) A proud member of another square dance association, (3) A proud annual sponsor of a charity organization, and (4) open house for new interested dancers (I suggest that you have two consecutive week days, but not on the same day, for open houses. This could eliminate a person’s scheduling issues for a particular day).

Flyers are valuable pieces of information for the Internet, but they must be in a readable format. A picture flyer format is useless. The search engines, Google, Bing, AOL, Yahoo, or others cannot read or interpret a picture flyer; you get no bonus points at all! The best flyer format is a pdf document. You do not know how to convert a word document or some other document into a pdf, not a problem, send Jody the document and he will convert it for you and post it on the Internet. Flyers reinforce your group’s events, they double the information to put extra emphasis on your event to be listed on the Internet. You get bonus points! Special events and flyers for Charities information doubles your Internet presence. The search engines will list your group with the charity listings and square dance listings! Nice bonus points!

Virginia Square Dancers is the top ranking square dance site in America! That means Virginia Square Dancers is on the first page and usually the first website you will find upon searching for square dancers and especially Virginia Square Dancers. Google has ranked Virginia Square Dancers as an authoritative website; the authority website for information on square dancing in Virginia!

As an analyst, I have discovered that search engines love these four words, square dance for health! Do not use any other variations of these four words. Google lists about 3,710,000 web pages for these four words! Every group in Virginia should add these four words to every flyer they produce. Every group should incorporate these four words into their mission statement. The repetitive use of these four words for square dancing in Virginia will help in subtle ways for groups to gain new dancers! Subtle means someone is searching for a way to become more healthy, their incentive for a new life style. They search for three words, dance for health, Virginia Square Dancers shows up at the top of the listings and therefore your group is available to them! This is a cumulative effort by all Virginia Square Dance groups to become the choice for healthy dancing and gain new square dancers! These four keywords will be the driver to put dance for health and square dance for health as top ranking webpage for Virginia Square Dance groups.

Final words for effective listings on the Internet. (1) Virginia Square Dancers presence on the Internet is dependent upon your co-operation, (2) there is no charge for using Virginia Square Dancers, nor do I make money from this website, in fact it costs me money to do this for you (3) the most effective way to use this site is to get me your groups information early; it takes time for the search engines to read and list new information, (4) it is easy to forget to maintain your information on the Internet and Virginia Square Dancers website; a strong recommendation is to have an elected official member of your group designated to provide information to Virginia Square Dancers, (5) it is completely your choice to take advantage of the Internet and Virginia Square Dancers and how much information to share and be known on the Internet, (6) allow me to emphasize the cumulative effect of every group in Virginia working together to provide information about Virginia square dancing; it is the combined effort of all groups to provide information and my efforts as a webmaster programmer that makes Virginia Square Dancers the forefront website for square dancers on the Internet in America. I cannot help square dancing alone in Virginia, I need your help and support to put your timely message out on the Internet.

Thank You,

Jody Starling
VASARDA Website Host
Virginia Clubs And Associations Host
March 15, 2017

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