Fridays, Saturdays and the Rest of the Days For Any Year

This is an embedded Excel spreadsheet that you can change the year for finding the Fridays and Saturdays for any month in a year. Just change the large year date by quickly double clicking in the year 2017 cell, modify the date and then press enter. The spreadsheet will then change all of the dates for that year. To copy any cells, drag your cursor across the cells and then press "ctrl" and "c" keys at the same time. Go to your document and use the "ctrl" and "p" keys to paste the selected cells into your document.

You can download the spreadsheet to your computer by using the black bar at the bottom and clicking on the 4th icon from the left. You also can load the full size spreadsheet from Excel Online by clicking the 1st icon from the left. You will not be able save the online documenent. That is to allow anyone to use this document in its pristine format.